Serial Key Manager

Serial Key Manager

Serial Key Manager 1.8 is a information manager for Windows
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Serial Key Manager 1.8 is an information manager for Windows. This application allows you to store with it your serial key numbers, in order to keep them safely. Serial Key Manager 1.8 does not hold its own database. Instead, it creates registry entries which it reads on startup. Those registry entries will hold your serial numbers. This is a rather double-edged approach. In trying to keep your serial numbers safe, the application trusts that the Windows registry will be stable enough not to get those entries deleted. And we all know just how stable the registry is. On another note, adding serial keys is really easy. You are given a field for the product name, one for the serial number, and you can add additional data to each entry. I've found that writing serial numbers on papers is too 1999, and this is the way to do it now. You can export your serial numbers to text files, of which you can make several copies for back-up purposes. You can also save and restore a database within the application. Also, you can create a password to limit access to your database. As long as you make regular back-ups of your serials and put them on different locations on your computer, Serial Key Manager is a winner.

José Fernández
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  • Password-protection capabilities
  • Basic and simple
  • Works great
  • Easy-to-use


  • The registry isn't the safest place of all, but there are always backups
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